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Abortion facility closed in Little Rock, Arkansas


After more than 20 impactful 40 Days for Life campaigns, the doors of Little Rock Family Planning Services in Arkansas are now closed for good. A testament to the dedication of prayerful efforts, the closure marks a significant milestone for pro-life advocates. As the property goes up for sale, it ...
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Stockport NUPAS Centre Closing


By Robert Colquhoun. International Campaigns Director "Everyone, WONDERFUL news! Our prayers have been answered, the abortion clinic is CLOSED, CLOSED, CLOSED!!!!’ Father Dave had just started praying the Joyful mysteries and this chap came up to us with a smile on his face. He said, “Do you know, it is closed.” ...
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Paris, at last, first 40 Days for Life Campaign


By Adrian Uracs, Paris, France The long-awaited, first ever French 40 Days for Life has finally started during this Lent campaign ! On Ash Wednesday, the first brave volunteers started praying in front of the Hôpital Cochin, in Paris’ 14th district. The place of the vigil, that is 92-94 boulevard du ...
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Last saved lives


Duitama, Colombia

A person asks the 40DFL volunteers to call a girl who was considering abortion. A volunteer who is a psychologist makes the call and after providing support the girl decides that she is going to tell her mother and continue with her pregnancy.


Tuluá, Colombia

A girl had an appointment to have an abortion and went to the abortion facility accompanied by her mother. When they arrived, they saw the 40 Days for Life volunteers. The mother convinced her to stop by with them. Then the volunteers offered support and a free ultrasound. When she saw her baby, she realized that she was already 4 months pregnant. At that moment she chose life.


Tuluá, Colombia

The son of one of the volunteers is studying at the university. One of her classmates is pregnant with twins. Her partner dropped her and she made an appointment that week to have an abortion. The volunteer’s son told her that before doing it, she should listen to someone else. The girl accepted and the boy took her to the 40 DXLV campaign. After 3 days she agreed to continue with her pregnancy. She was given two kits for her babies and other aids.


Valladolid, Spain

During the 40 Days for Life 365 activities in Valladolid on Friday, February 9, just 5 days before the start of Lent, a prayer participant saw three young women approaching the abortion clinic.

Two of them went inside, while one stayed outside. Surprised and intrigued by the signs, the girl approached the prayer participant and told them that one of her friends was pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

The two young women who had entered the clinic came out and saw their friend talking to the prayer participant. The non-pregnant friend crossed over and joined the conversation, where they were offered help and exchanged contact numbers. The pregnant woman decided not to go inside.

Providentially, on the same day, the prayer participant encountered the three young women again on Calle Santiago in Valladolid, and a more relaxed conversation ensued.

The three women are unemployed, do not have residency permits in Spain, and the pregnant woman of 7 weeks mentioned the pressure she was facing from the baby's father to have an abortion.

They were quickly put in touch with a volunteer from Red Madre who is also a volunteer with 40 Days for Life, and this Wednesday, on the eighth day of Lent campaign, the young mother decided to continue with her pregnancy.

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What to say when Spanish and German translations

What do I say when rape comes up? How do I respond to “My body, my choice”? How should I handle politics? 

From “forced birth” to gender to “shout your abortion,” much has changed since abortion was legalized in 1973. Yet it remains the most controversial issue of our time. What to Say When equips you with proven approaches from the front-lines to help you: 

  • Know exactly what to say (and not say) when abortion comes up
  • Balance converting hearts versus winning arguments
  • Navigate the changing and bizarre new ways abortion is promoted
  • Go on offense and stay on topic when defending life 

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Adding to the annual two campaigns of 40 days, some vigil locations keep their prayer and fasting all year round. Learn more about this game-changer program.

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