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Abortion Laws today
Croatia still has the abortion law of former Yugoslavia dating from 1976. It is precedent that after Yugoslavia broke up, and all laws have been changed, that abortion law is still valid.

Abortion is legal until the 10th week of gestation, but if an ethical committee allows an exception, such as disability of malformity, abortion is allowed up until birth. Despite that, there is no doctor in Croatia who is preforming abortions after the 22nd week as far as we know. Some women will travel to Slovenia or elsewhere for a late abortion.
How and where vigils began
In June 2013, a member of the team felt called by God to lead the first 40 Days for Life campaign in Croatia. Another team member also felt called after a long period of prayer, the day after Christmas. The volunteer opened the Bible at 2 Chronicles 7:14, a key passage for 40 Days for Life and felt that God had answered his prayers in calling him to start pro-life ministry. The first group started planning the first vigil in a small classroom in St Joseph’s parish in Zagreb.
Country Statistics
Abortions per year 2,671 in 2021
Vigil locations 38
Volunteers 2000
Saved lives 130
Abortion facilities closed 0
Abortion workers quit 2
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