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Abortion Laws today
Abortion is illegal in Jamaica. 4 years ago there was an attempt to legalize it but it failed. The Love March Movement and other Christian organizations and the church itself presented in parliament and fought to keep the law and it remained.
How and where vigils began
We had in our hearts to do it from last year but the time crept up on us and we were unable to prepare in time. From October last year we added it to our schedule of events for the Love March Movement. We met with the heads of two prominent Christian denominations and other church leaders and by God’s grace we pushed through several challenges to start on February 14, 2024
Country Statistics
Abortions per year 10,000 to 22,000 per year (unofficial)
Vigil locations 1
Volunteers 40
Saved lives 4
Abortion facilities closed 0
Abortion workers quit 0
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Social media Twitter

Vigil locations in Jamaica