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Abortion Laws today
In 2012, the Kenyan Penal Code incorporated punishments regarding abortion laws. Abortion is not permitted except for emergency treatment, or the life of the mother is in danger. The 2010 Kenyan constitutional referendum allowed abortion for maternal health reasons. Abortion is regulated by the constitution of Kenya.
How and where vigils began
The first campaign was held in Nairobi. Ann Kioko, an abortion survivor and pro-life activist organised the first campaign in 2016. Haywood Robinson travelled on a mission trip to Kenya to share the blessings and inspiration of pro-life activism. In 2018, the Kenyan authorities asked the then named Marie Stopes to stop offering abortion services temporarily.
Country Statistics
Abortions per year 551,000 (Guttmacher Institute, 2019)
Vigil locations 1
Volunteers 100
Saved lives 0
Abortion facilities closed 0
Abortion workers quit 0
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