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Ramona Treviño, ex-manager at Planned Parenthood

Ramona Treviño is now a prolife activist in 40 Days for Life, as an Outreach Director in the US and Canada. This is her testimony of how God rescued her from the abortion world.

Rachel Mackenzie. Healing abortion

Rachel Mackenzie is part of the Rachel's Vineyard team. In this interview with Robert Colquhoun, she shares her testimony and explains how abortion can be healed in God's mercy.

Being a prolifer in China

What is being a prolifer like in China? Johnny Fan has been in that situation for the last 12 years. He was raised in the one child policy times, and now the Chinese Government is promoting having up to 3 children. Yet, China is the country with a highest number of abortions.

Zosia Rogala and Filip Lapinski

Robert Colquhoun interviews these two leaders from Poland, right after their first campaign in the country.

Interview Maria Fidelis

Robert Colquhoun interviews Maria Fidelis, 40 DFL National Leader in Taiwan.

Interview with Pamela Delgado

Robert Colquhoun interviews Pamela Delgado, 40 DFL International Communications and Outreach director. Recorded in August 2023.

Interview with Nayeli Rodríguez, Spain's 40DFL national leader

Robert Colquhoun interviews Nayeli Rodríguez, national leader of the 40 Days for Life Campaign in Spain. It was recorded in october 2023

Interview with Paula Pimentel, Portugal National Leader of 40DFL

Robert Colquhoun talks with Paula Pimentel, mother of 7 children, spouse, lawyer and national leader of 40 Days For Life in Lisbon (Portugal). This interview was recorded at the end of 2023 and now in 2024 Portugal has more vigil locations.

Interview with Calum Miller

Robert Colquhoun interviews Calum Miller, an English medical doctor specializing in abortion.

We recommend watching as well this video about the consequences of abortion

Interview with Levente Bodnár, 40DFL National Leader in Hungary

Robert Colquhoun talks with Levente Bodnár, national leader of 40 Days for Life in Hungary.

Interview with Isabel Vaughan-Spruce

She was arrested for standing and thinking outside an abortion center. The first "thought criminal" in the UK, the country of democracy and freedom. Or it used to be? In this interview Isabel talks about her journey in the pro-life movement, in 40 Days for Life and some anecdotes she's lived in all these years.

Christmas Special Podcast

Come join us in joy celebrating the birth of our Lord. Lourdes Varela and Hugo host this video where we will see different ways in which 40 DFL leaders and volunteers around the world celebrate Christmas.

Interview with Petra Milkovic, 40 DFL national leader in Croatia

Petra has been leading Croatia's campaigns of 40 Days for Life for many years. The success of 40 Days for Life in her country is also a fruit of her relentless work with volunteers and leaders.

Interview with Shawn Carney

Lourdes Varela and Robert Colquhoun interview Shawn Carney, co-founder, president and CEO of 40 Days for Life, during the Orlando 40DFL Symposium last summer.

Sister Nadiya - Being pro-life in the Netherlands

Sister Nadiya belongs to the order of the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará. This Catholic religious institute is dedicated to cultural evangelization and, therefore, actively promotes goals in favor of the life of the unborn and actively participates in 40 Days for Life. She has been in the Netherlands for 11 years and in this podcast she talks with Pamela Delgado about the situation of abortion in the Netherlands and in other countries in the world where the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará are present.