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News after Lent 2024

Countries, campaigns, saved lives that we have seen in this Lent campaign 2024

Dr. Pilar Calva ENGLISH (Original)

Dr. Pilar Calva Presentation in English. Rome symposium 2024

Father Paul Felix ENGLISH (Original)

Father Paul Felix ENGLISH (Original)

Julio Loredo de Izcúe ENGLISH (Original)

Julio Loredo de Izcúe presentation in the 2024 Rome Symposium

Matt Britton ENGLISH (Original)

Matt Britton ENGLISH (Original)

Tomislav Čunović ENGLISH (Original)

Tomislav Čunović ENGLISH (Original). Rome symposium 2024

Shawn Carney Original (Saturday session)

Shawn Carney presentation at the Saturday session in the 2024 Rome Symposium.

Shawn Carney. Friday session. Original ENGLISH

Shawn Carney. Friday session speech. Rome Symposium 2024

Donato Borrillo Presentation English (Original)

Symposium Rome Feb 2024 Chemical abortion See Rome Symposium schedule of presentations

Thank you Rome Symposium 2024

We want to give a big THANK YOU to all our volunteers who every vigil give their time, and their hearts to pray in public to end abortion. We are praying together to give the babies a voice and the mothers hope!

Juana Acosta Presentation

Rome Symposium February 2024

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce Presentation

Rome Symposium, February 2024

International Campaigns Update Lent 2024

Robert Colquhoun summarizes the last news and accomplishments in the Lent campaign.

Presentation of 40 Days for Life in France

Résumé en images de la présentation des 40 jours pour la vie à Paris, France, le 13 janvier. Français sous-titré Presentation that took place on January 13th 2024 in Paris, France

Best moments of Mexico's Ibero-American 40DFL Conference

Best moments of the presentations. Key facts on the spiritual and legal battle in Latin America and the rest of the world, to defend the right to live of the unborn. Watch the presentations of Shawn Carney, Matt Britton, Tomislav Cunovic, Pamela Delgado,

Robert Colquhoun interview in EWTN Katolikus Televízió (Hungary)

The Power of Prayer and Action: 40 Days for Life and the Fight Against Abortion - Robert Colquhoun

March for Life Ottawa, Canada, 2023

Direct from Ottawas Parliament Hill, EWTN provides complete coverage of the annual National March for Life, Canadas most significant pro-life event.

German 40 Days For Life Campaigns

German-Polish documentary about German campaigns

Mother Theresa of Calcutta about abortion in 1979

Mother Theresa was awarded with the Peace Nobel in 1979. Back then she was very clear about what the worst menace to peace is in our world: abortion.