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Abortion Laws today
Abortion was legalized in Slovenia in 1977. Abortion was legalised during the communist era. Although communism came to an end over 30 years ago, it still pervades the country’s mentality. There are 3,000 abortions a year among the two million population.
Now in 2023, abortion is available up to 10 weeks on demand. In 2009,18% of pregnancies ended in abortion.
How and where vigils began
The first campaign was inspired from Croatia in 2015, and were organised outside a hospital in the capital Ljubljana. Around the corner, during the communist era, a Church which was confiscated by the communists and turned into a film studio. Also during that era, abortions were performed in a Jesuit house in Ljubljana. Today, the abortion room is now a chapel. It is a telling story of the spiritual journey of the country.
Country Statistics
Abortions per year 2,945
Vigil locations 1
Volunteers 100
Saved lives 0
Abortion facilities closed 0
Abortion workers quit 0
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