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365 Campaigns

40 Days for Life 365 is an elite and advanced level program that establishes prayer at abortion facilities 12 months of the year. The program was launched in 2021 to facilitate a year round pro-life prayer vigils in select cities. A year round presence is devastating for abortion businesses in their own words. As a result, more abortion businesses have closed and more lives have been saved. 

The program is designed for campaign leaders who host and continue to host 40 Days for Life campaigns twice a year, have a track record of having 12 hour vigils at their biannual vigils and will cover their local abortion facility with prayer all the abortion business hours the rest of the year (in addition to 2 40 Days for Life campaigns a year). 

The program does not replace 40 Days for life, and it requires the local 40 Days for Life campaigns to be successful. In many locations effective 40 Days for Life campaigns have fed into a year round presence that closes and abortion facility. 40 Days for Life has experienced tremendous growth and learnt a great deal about what works and what does not work. The development of a platform for organizing year round vigils was the next logical step toward ending abortion. 

Approved leaders received an advanced training curriculum and access to new online tools, coaching and support to help leaders build to the ultimate goal of having prayer volunteers on site every hour the local abortion facility is open for business. 

The pilot program was conducted in Orange, California; Columbia, Missouri; Aurora, Illinois; Austin, Texas and Marietta, Georgia tested the training and online tools. The pilot program saved a child from abortion from within a week. Kathy in Columbia held a year round presence in front of Planned Parenthood. She said the 40DFL365 program increased the vigil participation in the summer and helped create two turnarounds from abortion facility clients who were redirected to the local pro-life pregnancy help centre. 

In the Diocese of Venice, Florida, Rich Owens runs a campaign which has spread to cover 365. “You don’t know who you are going to impact,” Owens said. “There were 21 babies saved because of our vigil outside of Planned Parenthood last year. The most recent save we had was of a woman who approached one of us and said: ‘There were people here three years ago. Here is a picture of my 3-year-old, because you are here.’ It mattered to this little girl, and it matters to the five we have saved since the start of the year. But it is more than that, it is the 10 sounds (mothers and fathers) who don’t have to go through the pain and emotional physical and spiritual suffering of having killed their child.”

The expansion to 365 was a daunting challenge in the diocese as there were two locations with teams of dedicated prayer warriors and trained pavement counsellors who are present on surgical abortion days (several days a week). The need for 365-day coverage comes from the reality that pre-surgery appointments and abortion-inducing drugs are offered at any time. 

Maureen Nash, the 40 Days for Life leader in Fort Myer, explained that surgical abortions were provided on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. “We make sure that those days are covered throughout the year. Along with our prayer warriors, Wednesday and Thursday we have pavement counsellors and a mobile van with ultrasound equipment available brought to us by the pregnancy centre.”

40 Days for Life 365 is not for everybody. It’s an intense, year round, elite training program that aims to cover all the hours of operation of your local abortion facility with peaceful prayer. The training is provided but the local leader does the work of recruiting vigil participants. 

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Campaign Director Steve Karlen said, “Leading one or two 40 Days for Life vigils a year is a daunting challenge. But for those leaders who have demonstrated they are willing and capable of tackling a year-round vigil, this new initiative can be a game changer.”