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The image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and its significance for the pro-life movement

friday, 24 november, 2023
ROBERT COLQUHOUN.A recent 40 Days for Life congress called the “Spiritual battle for life” was held in Mexico City. Mexico City is also home to one of the most famous ...

South Korea: waking up to a street witness

tuesday, 3 october, 2023
SEOUL - ROBERT COLQUHOUNFather Hugo Park has just been appointed to a parish, after leading two 40 Days for Life campaigns as the head of Seoul Archdiocese committee for life. ...

Thousands March for Life in London under the banner, Freedom to Live

tuesday, 5 september, 2023
Approximately 7,000 people marched through London at the annual March for Life event, keen to proclaim the value of human life, filling Parliament Square with a family friendly event. Parliament square ...

The Giant of Asia: a long road to erradicating abortion

wednesday, 17 may, 2023
Nearly two thirds of the worlds’ abortions take place in Asia. China alone accounts for nearly 400 million abortions since it adopted its infamous and brutal one-child policy in 1980. ...

Into the Breach: Defend your country, stand strong and enrich your future

tuesday, 14 march, 2023
160 International Leaders from 21 countries along with the who’s who of the Polish pro-life movement met in Krakow, Poland from 10-12 February 2023 for the 40 Days for Life ...

The First 40 Days for Life in silent Taiwan (or) in the silent indifference to life in Taiwan

monday, 6 march, 2023
In the beginning of 2022, after many years of struggling to know how to let the prolife movement touch the culture and the minds of modern Taiwanese society, the St. ...

Interview with Robert Colquhoun

monday, 6 march, 2023
How did 40 Days for Life start? What is your mission?40 Days for Life started in Texas in 2004 and was launched nationally as an organization in 2007 in the ...

Stunned and Shocked in Slovakia. When curiosity stumbles across the truth

sunday, 8 january, 2023
Martina was curious. She had just discovered a new book which she had never seen before. She stumbled upon it on her brother’s bookshelf. Unabashed, she started to read it. ...