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The Giant of Asia: a long road to erradicating abortion

wednesday, 17 may, 2023

Nearly two thirds of the worlds’ abortions take place in Asia. China alone accounts for nearly 400 million abortions since it adopted its infamous and brutal one-child policy in 1980. The US Government once increased its estimate of how many abortions there were in China from 13 million to 23 million a year. 

Great victories are pending as the end of Roe vs Wade stands as a trumpet call to awaken Churches reminiscent of a sleeping giant everywhere to realize their greatness, to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Churches are like a sleeping elephant, but when awakened can fully transform society. 

South Korea has just had its “Roe vs Wade” moment when abortion was decriminalized by court order in 2021. But thanks to 40 Days for Life, South Koreans are learning the value of a public witness for life to help spread and nourish a culture of respect for life. 
Seoul is already on its third 40 Days campaign since starting in 2021, each campaign a textbook effort. Two thirds of the world’s abortions happen in Asia where a similar two thirds of the world’s population resides.

Sister Marie Fidelis, an Argentinian missionary nun living in Taiwan, demonstrates to the whole of Asia that radical transformation is possible. She had been praying for years for more people to know the beauty of the Gospel of life in Asia. 14 years ago, a Saint Gianna Pro-life centre was founded in Zhongli City in the diocese of Hsinchu. It has grown considerably since then.

After praying continuously for 40 Days for an end to abortion in Taiwan thanks to the efforts from different pro-life groups around the country, there was historic and unprecedented unity with more than 30 groups committed to fulfilling 12 hours of prayer publicly every day. 

Praying in public was a challenge in Taiwan. There are not dedicated clinics for abortion in Taiwan, you may freely choose any public or private hospital. Most people are afraid of opposing the law and need to choose doing public prayer in a safe environment. 

Due to the government, you cannot openly oppose the existing laws, but under the guidance of the Church, you can offer to everyone the pure message of life to let everyone have the possibility to hear and to compare, awakening their conscience and praying they can choose the right path. 
Year round activities so far from the pro-life centre have included formation talks, social services, different liturgies and the March for life and Sing for life initiatives that have been profoundly fruitful.

But Sister Maria is determined to entrust pro-life efforts to God’s providence, while fighting vigorously for life. She wants to awaken the consciences of a few Christians and the majority who are not Christian. So far, her efforts have galvanised considerable spiritual fruit. 

China has a very deep scar on its soul. Jonny Fan is a Christian, living in Chengdu. There are no pro-abortion groups in China because there is no need for them, and abortion is easily available in every city of China. Some hospitals even provide special discounts for students during summer holidays, and they post these discounts on their advertisements. 

A friend of Jonny works in a hospital as a vice manager, who provides abortion. His friend told him that there was a pregnant woman desperately asking for an abortion. She was a Uyghur woman, young, good looking, with very bad emotions, and only had a week left until her due date. 

It was legal for the doctor to do a late term abortion, but they cared about her and tried to persuade her to reconsider. She insisted and threatened to leave and kill herself if they refused to provide the abortion immediately. Jonny’s friend asked if he could find a family to take care of the baby, so they could talk with her about another choice. 2 days later the choice was made. In the same operating room, the same doctor, maybe with the same drugs - the only difference was the baby was kept alive. 

God is the great healer. Many mothers and unborn babies have been treated harshly in Asia. But where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. Change is possible. Even one baby being saved can be the beginning of a waterfall of hope that can cascade into a river. One act of pure love can set God’s heart on fire. The generation in China is the first generation after the one child policy. They have heard the birth control propaganda. When they see the abortion images behind the words, they are totally shocked. When Christians are compelled to act, the sleeping elephant can finally awaken, with prayer and fellowship the beginning of the end of abortion can come into full fruition. 40 Days for Life is the beginning of the end of abortion.

Robert Colquhoun
International Campaigns Director