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Abortion is the first death cause in the world. It destroys the life of 73 million children every year and the soul of millions of women. But amongst so much darkness, there is hope: 40 Days for Life.

This campaign has proven results of saved lives in your town.

after decades of abortion worldwide, 

¿are you ready to ...

  • Save lives from abortion
  • Protect women and men involved in abortion from spending their life regreting what they did once?
  • Offer healing to those wounded by abortion in tragic situations
  • promote unity and action for the Body of Christ in one goal
  • for 40 days?

If you are ready, then this message could be the most important one in your life.

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If you're not ready, or have doubts, please keep on reading and see for yourself how consistent our results have been in saved lives, closed abortion facilities and convincing abortion workers to quit their jobs and be reborn to a new life.

The problem

Abortion began to be exported around the world from the United States, which paradoxically was founded on inalienable principles such as the right to life, inspired by our Creator. In the US abortion kills more than a million innocent children every year. The world total is around 42 million annually. And children are not the only ones affected:

  • Abortion hurts millions of women for life. Sometimes physically, almost always emotionally and spiritually. The father figure, who also loses his children to abortion and is left to a life of remorse, is ignored.
  • Our children are sold the big lie of so-called "sexual freedom" and are not warned of the long-term consequences of promiscuity and sin. The result of this manipulation translates into unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases at more than alarming levels during the stage of youth.
  • Almost all of the major national and international media outlets have taken sides in favor of abortion, saturating their discourse with biased information, smearing and demonizing pro-life Christians.
  • Many Christian confessions are silent about abortion and too many Christians have fallen into apathy, indolence or indifference, choosing not to say anything in defense of those who cannot speak or defend themselves.

Clearly our culture has turned its back on God, which could lead to hopelessness, but in the Bible God reminds us of these words:

- If my people, on whom my Name is invoked, humble themselves, pray, seek me and abandon their misconduct, I will hear it from heaven, I will forgive their sins and I will heal their land. (2 Chronicles 7,14).

A proven solution

There are reasons for hope. And that hope is found in a simple but highly effective campaign known as 40 Days for Life.

Since 2004, some cities began to organize 40 days for Life campaigns. In the fall of 2007 they did so in more than 80 locations, followed by another 30 campaigns. To date, 9,207 vigils have been held in 1,144 cities in the US and in 65 other countries. All of them have left a trail of extraordinary results in lives saved:

  •      A million people have come together thanks to their faith and their convictions to pray for the end of abortion
  •      More than 23,000 children have been saved from abortion
  •      Hundreds of men and women have been saved from a future of sorrow and remorse.
  •      Thousands of experiences of past abortions have been healed
  •      132 abortion centers have been closed as a result of the 40 Days for Life campaigns
  •      Other centers have had to reduce hours and resources, closing some days of the week
  •      247 workers in the abortion industry have quit their jobs, including Abby Johnson, director of a Planned Parenthood center located in the same city where the campaign began.
  •      The media have covered more than 6,000 stories about pro-life positions.
  •      The Church has united and activated in the fight for life
  •      Many people have been trained and mobilized in the cause for life
  •      Many believers have returned to God with renewed hope.

40 Days for Life requires a lot of prayer, hard work, and personal sacrifice, but it's an incredibly simple campaign.

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