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The Spiritual Battle for Life: Latin American Congress 2023


Over 250 40 Days for Life leaders and volunteers from almost every Latin American country and beyond gathered in Mexico City, 10-12 November 2023 for a Latin American 40 Days for Life Congress themed: “The Spiritual Battle for Life.” The Latin American continent is vibrant and alive for life: the ...
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A special meeting


Yesterday at the vigil we had a special meeting.A girl, 15-16 years old, came to us and poured a river of words, also asking many provocative questions: "When I was 14 I had an abortion. The condom broke, what did I had to do?! I am a sporty person and ...
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The Mexican Supreme Court didn't decriminalize abortion and mainstream media lied


The Supreme Mexican Court announced on September 6th, 2023 in its Twitter(X) account, that it ruled in favor of the decriminalization of abortion in a case filed by the pro-abortion and feminist association GIRE (Information Group on Chosen Reproduction). This ruling applies in the very rare occasions in which the ...
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More than 6,000 people marched for life in Ottawa


More than 6,000 people marched last 11th of May in Ottawa (Canada), after two years of COVID restrictions that made the rally only virtual. The National March for Life, typically the largest annual protest on Parliament Hill, takes place in May to mark the day when the 1969 omnibus bill passed ...
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The Spanish Constitutional Court rules in favor of abortion 13 years after the appeal was filed


The Spanish Constitutional Court, recently renovated in several of its members by the PSOE-UP (far-left) coalition government in collusion with the so-called conservative party (Partido Popular) and ignoring the judiciary protests, has issued a ruling in favor of the recent government-approved abortion law that virtually makes abortion a free practice ...
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2023 Lent International Achievements


Many blessings and achievements have happened on the international front during Lent 2023 for 40 Days for Life The Lent 2023 campaign got off to a great start with a report from Spain of a baby saved from abortion in Madrid. In 2022, Spain criminalized pavement counseling, meaning pro-lifers who try ...
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Several thousand people march for Life in Portugal


For as long as 11 years, the March for Life brings together all the associations and pro-life political parties in a civic march that takes place in several Portuguese cities (9 in this edition, on the 23rd of March), with Lisbon at the forefront. It is organized by the Portuguese ...
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March for Life in Madrid, Spain


On Sunday, March 12th, the March for Life (Yes to Life) was held in Madrid, convened by more than 200 pro-life associations from all over Spain. The march ran at noon at the main avenue in Madrid, where a mobile stage had been set up.This year it far exceeded the ...
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Iconic Flagship Abortion Centre Permanently Closed!


By Robert Colquhoun, Director of International Campaigns, 40 Days for Life The unthinkable has happened! The abortion centre where 40 Days for Life started in the United Kingdom is now closed for good! God is great!Marie Stopes House permanently closed on 28 May 2021 in central London after nearly 11 years ...
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International Impact of Roe v Wade


As the popular phrase states, “When America sneezes, the world catches a cold.” The fall of Roe v. Wade has had significant global repercussions, injecting hope, momentum and confidence into pro-life groups around the world. America, the country which has imposed abortion on countries worldwide, is rapidly doing an about ...
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Nigerian Leader Empowers Young People to Choose Life


Yusuf Ayuba is saving lives—and the next generation—from abortion.   By Robert Colquhoun, Director of International Campaigns, 40 Days for Life“Good News!” reported Yusuf Ayuba, the 40 Days for Life campaign leader in Abuja, Nigeria. “One of the mothers who chose life for her baby during our previous campaign delivered a bouncing ...
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