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Our response remains peaceful prayer

05-JULY • Deutschland •

While today, on July 5, 2024, the German Bundestag debated the introduction of 100-meter buffer zones around abortion clinics and counseling centers of the international abortion organization International Planned Parenthood Federation (pro familia), peaceful pro-life advocates from 40 Days for Life prayed the Rosary in front of the pro familia / IPPF facility in Frankfurt, once again taking a stand against violence towards unborn children and the attempt to criminalize peaceful praying Christian pro-life advocates.

Although the bill, which had been sharply criticized by many experts, has now been passed, it has not yet taken legal effect. It must still be approved by the Bundesrat, promulgated, and signed by the Federal President before it can potentially come into force.

This process will take some time. Even if the law comes into force, it remains to be seen how practical this law will be and whether the authorities overseeing public gatherings will use it to restrict the fundamental rights of peaceful citizens or if peaceful praying individuals will be fined up to 5,000 EUR, or if peaceful prayer will remain unnoticed by this law.

Due to the vague legal terms in this chaotic bill, it is completely unpredictable how the assembly regulatory authorities will interpret this law.

Whether it will develop into a freedom-hostile instrument of power or turn out to be a paper tiger remains up to the local authorities. In any case, we will continue to call for peaceful prayer and adhere to the applicable assembly law, because our response, no matter what happens, remains the peaceful and lawful prayer, whether within or outside of a buffer zone.

How this conflict between the federal government and the prayer gatherings of 40 Days for Life came about and what is really behind pro familia can be learned in this interview with the CEO and lawyer of 40 Days for Life International – Tomislav Čunović.