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Rally outside British Houses of Parliament sees hundreds of Pro-lifers oppose abortion up to birth

16-MAY • United Kingdom •

Hundreds of pro life activists gathered outside British Houses of Parliament with the theme: no to abortion up to birth to stand against the proposals to decriminalise abortion in upcoming legislation. Speakers from all main pro life organisations shared their testimony and witness to oppose this change in the law.

Members of Parliament will soon be voting on changes to the law regarding abortion to reduce the abortion time limit and also to bring down the time limit for babies with Down’s syndrome in line with the time limit for babies that do not have disabilities.

At the Rally, Robert Colquhoun, Director of International Campaigns for 40 Days for Life said, “In the United Kingdom we need a spiritual transfer of ownership from a culture of death, to a culture of life. Instead of abortion up to birth, we need a country where abortion is unthinkable. This happens by reaching out to people one person at a time, finding healing after abortion, reaching those who are abortion minded with alternatives, and promoting a culture of life, where God’s plan for love and life is respected. Do not be afraid to go onto the streets to proclaim a culture of life. We all can reach people in our daily lives to help protect unborn babies.

Now is the time to change the United Kingdom from having some of the most permissive abortion laws imaginable, to one where unborn children are valued, cherished and protected at every stage of life. This happens through finding law and order in the human heart, that can inform culture. Now is the time to build a culture of life where no more babies die and no more women cry from the wounds of abortion.”

In the event extreme legislation was passed by Parliament, it would mean self abortions at home would be possible up to birth for any reason including sex selection abortions. This can endanger the lives and health of women. Developments in medicine mean that more babies can be born alive and survive even before the 24 week abortion limit. Polling shows that the public does not support the decriminalization of abortion. 

Robert in the Rally Not to Abortion up to birth at the Parliament, London

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