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An Introduction to Pavement Counseling

Friday, 3 May, 2024
Pavement counseling involves discouraging women going for an abortion by presenting the truth of abortion in a caring manner, providing emotional and spiritual support and following up with car using community resources. It involves reaching out to those imminently involved in an abortion decision in a way which will preserve the life and dignity of each individual. We are there to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Pavement counseling works. Some have experienced great success, others have had difficulties and discouragement but there is no doubt that pavement counseling saves lives and women do stop to have a conversation.

Abortion is a spiritual battle, and pavement counsellors are prayer warriors and messengers of Christ. Satan will try to distract, discourage and make you doubt, but prayer helps to end abortion, and pavement counseling is a direct, practical and effective way to show a woman that abortion is not a best choice.

Preparation for pavement counseling involves prayer before, during and after. We have to trust in God, die to ourselves, be courageous and bold, clever as a serpent and gentle as a dove and get rid of expectations and judgements. As instruments of God we are there to convert hearts and save souls. This is when we can allow God to work through us. We need to overcome fear and know that satan is at the pavement ready to ridicule us. We go to Calvary by being in front of an abortion centre.

A demonstration that you care about her particular situation with sensitivity will help avoid some of the stereotypes that some people identify pro-life witness as having. Abortion providers will use lies, lawsuits, restraining orders, injunctions and other tactics to keep Christians away from abortion centres because of the effectiveness of a prayer presence.

Empathy, sincerity, unconditional acceptance, humility and obedience are helpful virtues to connect with abortion minded women. Your body language is important to communicate positivity through eye contact, smiling, staying focused on the client and be interested. You can improve your communication by smiling when talking, establishing rapport, stay focused on the issue and help them to reduce their anxiety and allow them to talk about their feelings. Above all stay focused on prayer and not socializing. Do not do anything that hinders the mission and purpose of your presence there.

You need to know the issue, law and your rights as a public citizen to be standing in a public place. You cannot trespass onto private property. Persecution is guaranteed. Pray to the Holy Spirit for inspiration. People come to an abortion centre for reasons more than abortion. Consider a way to open a conversation.

With a conversation, you must let the woman know you care about her and build trust. As open ended questions, you can also explain the physical and emotional risks of abortion, describe fetal development, encourage her to leave and if she gos in, it is a decision that she can never take back. Our goal is to let her know that we care about her and there are other options available.

Work with the police to tell them about your work, because the abortionist is likely to describe you in non endearing ways. Keep your track record impeccable and never raise your voice.

In the presence of hostile clients it is important to remain calm, never retaliate, pray for them, listen and show compassion and be thankful. Be calm, stay interested and make eye contact. It is not a good idea to mention the baby first, dress inappropriately, talk to others, hold graphic signs, or anything to reinforce stereotypes.

We have to give God permission because God converts hearts. Pray for the person you are speaking to, and have as wide a spiritual power pack as possible with back up spiritual support. Consider having an exhibit of life. You are a prayer presence not a protest. When you feel totally powerless, the glory belongs to God. You are there to evangelise everyone! Everyone who comes to an abortion centre is in need of redemption.

Look into the eyes of a person, as eyes are the window of the soul. Put a leaflet in her hands. You can talk indirectly. 50% of women who are going for an abortion have already had an abortion. Follow your heart, believe in yourself, keep your child and evangelise everyone.

Pavement counseling is a front line ministry which involves the opportunity to save lives on a daily level. It is one of the most sublime experiences to meet a baby saved by abortion thanks to the courage of the woman, God’s grace and your presence. Pray, get out there and go and make a difference. Go and be the hands and feet of Christ and help bring hope to others.