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Abortion Laws today
Abortion can be delivered in Taiwan for 3 reasons: eugenic purposes, physical or mental problems in the mother or rape and adultery. The government pushes birth control in the population and sterilization.
How and where vigils began
An Argentinian missionary nun in Taiwan has been praying for years for more people to know the beauty of the Gospel of Life in Asia. 40 Days for Life is bringing hope to Taiwan by mobilising volunteers for the protection of the unborn. Over 1,000 participents took part in their first campaign, from all seven Catholic dioceses of Taiwan and all nine provinces on the Island.

Vigils started in Taiwan with the blessing of the Bishop John Baptist Lee and the help of many groups around Taiwan, most of them Catholics. Lent time was chosen to let the people involve with a better understanding of the real meaning of protecting the unborn lives during a time of penance and conversion for the Church. So far, efforts have galvanized considerable spiritual fruit.
Country Statistics
Abortions per year No solid data available
Vigil locations 1
Volunteers 1,300
Saved lives 1
Abortion facilities closed 0
Abortion workers quit 0
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