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40 Days for Life among the experts at a hearing in the German Bundestag

09-MAY • Deutschland •

Next Monday, May 13, 2024, Tomislav Čunović, Managing Director of 40 Days for Life International, will be one of eleven experts at a public hearing of the Committee for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth of the German Bundestag to comment on a draft law of the Federal Government in which the peaceful presence of pro-life activists in front of abortion clinics or pregnancy counseling centers is prohibited and sanctioned.

The Frankfurt lawyer, Managing Director of 40 Days for Life International and Of Counsel of the Institute of Law and Justice has successfully defended the rights of peaceful pro-life activists before German courts on several occasions in the past and will also contribute this experience to the debate taking place on Monday.

The public hearing will be broadcast live on the website of the German Bundestag and will also be available for viewing later.

The written statement by Tomislav Cunovic, which has been available on the website of the German Bundestag since today, is available here.