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The Mexican Supreme Court didn't decriminalize abortion and mainstream media lied


The Supreme Mexican Court announced on September 6th, 2023 in its Twitter(X) account, that it ruled in favor of the decriminalization of abortion in a case filed by the pro-abortion and feminist association GIRE (Information Group on Chosen Reproduction). This ruling applies in the very rare occasions in which the federal criminal code is applied.

The legal status of abortion depends on the legislation of the Mexican states. Federal legislation only applies in a few cases where state laws do not apply, such as in embassies, vessels at sea or some federal organisations and it concerns only to GIRE in this specific case. However, the abortion industry and its supporters have widely used it as propaganda maybe to demoralize the pro-life world and to continue advancing their pro-abortion agenda.

The three lines of the tweet are an ideological declaration also present in the decision of the highest judicial body: it reads at the end "since it violates the human rights of women and people able to gestate." The comments are flooded with questions about who, if not women, is able to conceive. These terms clearly indicate a radical left-wing anthropological vision against scientific and natural facts inside a justice ruling.

As in the ruling of the Spanish Constitutional Court, the Mexican Court chooses to ignore the right to life of the unborn human being and focuses on supposed human rights of women that, in contradiction with the most basic, the right to life, they seek to legally bless the annihilation of the unborn.

In fact, what is most worrying about the sentence is the ideology overcoming legal criteria. Increasingly, constitutional courts and supreme courts become small parliaments or, worst, government branches where magistrates reproduce political debates or execute partisan policies, thereby losing the essence of judicial power and the prestige that magistrates once enjoyed.

Maybe as worring is to see mainstream media around the world lie to their audience in such a blattant way, even though they brag about their quality of information and independence. Is journalism a new form of propaganda? Do the audience of these media deserve a bit of respect? Or it is no longer a question of deontology but simply a plan to lead a political agenda at any cost?